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With the help of others, this blog was made regarding the website

Many remarks  expressed on horseforum about many different people, members and non-members, well-known horse people and not so well-known horse people, are exceedingly distasteful and violate horseforum rules, or at least should do - statements about Rick Gore in particular. Rick Gore is one of my favourite horsemen and personally, I think his advice from his website and youtube channel is extremely useful, as do many other people.

Below are just a few of the public posts that have been collected by myself and others recently from this forum from many different threads from all over different areas of horseforum from over a period of time that highlight this issue. It is not an isolated case. There are many more than this small collection on this blog. Some of them are older posts, many are newer.

I would like to point out that horseforum rules clearly state:

“You will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws’’

These posts below are by members and by moderators of

I and other members raised awareness of these threads during private messages many times before. A few of the threads have now been closed, but they still appear in searches from Google and the forum itself, and should not, whether old or new, in my opinion, be part of any discussion forum with these very rules implemented. Even after expressing my thoughts and concerns to 'Admin Mike' during a conversation, they were not addressed.


(another youtube user who makes free videos)
also gets a mention during these threads too..

Posts being directed at youtube followers and others too..


Some of these screenshots in this blog date back since 2011. There were 4 main threads titled ''Anyone heard of Rick Gore?', 'Rick Gore', 'Rick Gore Natural Horsemanship' and 'Rick Gore or Pat Parelli?' that would rise to the top of the forums frequently and members would post comment after comment like the above.


In July 2012 a Horseforum member then made and encouraged others to join a Facebook hate group and hate page by searching for the title of it which was posted on Horseforum. Moderators also joined this Facebook group. This was NOT discouraged by the Horseforum 'team' whatsoever.


Only after a Horseforum member, Equilove, was named on Mr. Gore's website for starting these hate groups, Horseforum then deleted all trace of these particular posts whilst still claiming: 

"Contrary to Mr. Gore's assertions, the Horse Forum is not for "gossip, rumor, or bullying", and a team of moderators is dedicated to ensuring that the community remains a positive, constructive place.

That said, being a discussion forum about all things horse related, members are allowed to share their thoughts and opinions about the methodologies and techniques espoused by trainers."


I would strongly encourage and advise all parents to closely observe what their children are reading and participating in on the internet, to read the rules of each individual website and respect and act accordingly to those rules before engaging in any activities.
I question whether these many threads and opinions in these posts abide to the rules of the forum. The contents of these posts are not about the spoken subject's methodologies, they are not constructive and they should not be acceptable. I cannot see how they are within the Horseforum rules and guidelines.

There is no phone number, no address, no email address displayed on the website. The website owner's name is anonymous and their real identity is hidden and there is no credibility to who is running this site for people to contact directly and to address issues.

I understand each and every post of a forum cannot be monitored instantly, but I read and understand that there is...

''A team of moderators dedicated to ensuring that the community remains a positive, constructive place.''


In contrary to the statement from horseforum which states it is a 'neutral platform for all horse related discussion', I and others started having our supportive posts removed: (click to enlarge)

Positive comments are being removed, whereas hateful ones are not. Use their search bar.

Someone sent me this (This is from a different forum, not sure which one)...

It is evident by the many positive comments on Mr. Gore’s channel that his advice and information is helping many people, which in turn helps their horses, which should, in my humble opinion, be a satisfying element for any real horse lover. I would always encourage anyone of any level, regardless of my own preferences in an attempt to influence their decisions, to be open-minded and learn as much information as possible within any subject, to listen with respect and to understand their viewpoint, then question things for themselves in order for them to make their own choices. Mr Gore sends out this very same message and I advocate anyone who is out there trying to help horses get better lives.

However much I may or may not agree with Mr Gore's advice, his channel has strict clear rules that he simply asks viewers to respect. If you do not comply with these rules, he will be extremely blunt and restrict your access to his youtube channel. I respect his rules, and in turn, he respects me.

His information has helped me tremendously, not just with horses but with many different aspects and I thank him greatly for that and he is helping many other people and their horses too. I personally believe one should give support, stand up for and give something back to someone who has helped you and made a positive influence in your life. I am glad that he continues to get many more subscribers for the benefit of the horse.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to take advice from whom they wish, rightly so, but the fact that the contents of these many posts above are allowed on a discussion forum alongside their rules clearly stated above, I would have to agree with Mr Gore's statement on his Horseforum video that the content is malicious, very sad, spiteful, mean-spirited and non-constructive. It is not discouraged and does not do anything for the benefit of the horse whatsoever. It simply encourages and influences others to speak the same way since it is not controlled or restricted.

Sarah Esen


Rick Gore has, in my opinion, a great view on horses. He points out how to read horses. He teaches us about herd behavior and shows us how to understand our horses better. He helps with basic problems that many people encounter. And he points out how people get hurt and how they could've avoided it/seen it coming. And he shows us many other things!
Rick is a great horseman who doesn't charge 6000 dollar for a three-week clinic. All of his information on horses, based on the knowledge he has from own experience and from studying other NH methods, is available for free. And you don't have to become a "Rick Gore 2" or something by copying exactly everything he says or does! I don't agree on every single thing with him either. But you can pick out the things you really like and develop your own method. There's no need to become offensive and trash Rick behind his back. To be honest, that just seems pathetic and childish to me. Rick's just trying to help how to become a better human, so you can develop a real relationship with your horse: if you like it, good, if you don't, then move on to something that does work for you.



Rick Gore has taught me so much and lots of things and I am so thankful and I support his channel and his videos. He has made me question the many different silly things you hear in the horseworld today. He has helped me to be more open-minded and question and think for myself and to not be a dictator around my horses all the time. Deep understanding mixed with love will take you far with your horses, but being firm with a steady hand is also very important too. It will all sort itself out if you sort yourself out first ;) Remember to always keep your thoughts and your horsemanship fun and positive!

Emilie P.


What I’ve learned from Rick Gore…… boy, talk about hard to condense, but I’ll try.  First off let me start by saying that I am a woman, and a new horse owner, and knew next to nothing about horses when I got mine.  They were both given to me (by people who had too many horses on their pasture, so they culled the horses they didn’t want) and I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am to have them.  They were literally something that I longed for since I was six years old, figured I’d never have, and it was truly alright.  But, somehow, of all the homes they could have gone to, they were allowed to find their way to mine.

I found Mr. Gore’s videos on youtube within a couple weeks of the horses coming to us, and began to watch, read, research, and learn as much as I could.  My belief is that if you are blessed and fortunate enough to own a horse that you are in possession of a great treasure and should treat it as such.  I believe they live the life you give them and I therefore have a responsibility to ensure that the life they do live is the best life possible.

Sure, I found him a little blunt (and that’s being polite), and very quick to the point, and more than once he cut my guts out and verbally cleaned my clock setting me straight.  BUT, I kept watching and learning because the life that Buddy and Tanner have is the life I want for Zeus and Festus, and I knew it’d be worth it---even if my pride was stung a few times. 

After nearly 2 years, those pitiful scrubby horses who, and I quote, “Weren’t worth the bullet it’d take to kill them” are beautiful, happy, healthy horses who are pasture kept, kept together, have never seen the inside of a stall, and have never been hauled to a show, now keep a barefoot trim, are bitless, whipless, spurless, and blameless.  They neigh a happy greeting when they see me, come to me on their own, lower their heads to be haltered, lead like great big dogs, and do just fine riding in a halter, thank you very much.  I haven’t needed any tricks, treats, or gimmicks.  By taking what Mr. Gore is showing (FOR FREE, PEOPLE!!) I know that if something goes wrong, or goes right, it’s because of how my sweet boys reacted to what I DID or DID NOT DO.  It’s all on me.  Knowing and accepting that has caused me to grow, both in my horsemanship, and in my life.

I understand pressure and release.  I understand that my horse is seeking the right answer so he can have release, and I realize that if I’ll just point him in the right direction, and give fair direction and correction that he’s only too happy to please me.  I know that he (or she) who moves the feet, and stops the feet from moving is higher.  I also realized that as much as I love them (and I do), they do not love me and never will.  They see me one of three ways:  higher, lower, or the dreaded equal, and it’s NOT PERSONAL.  It’s just how they’re made and all they know how to be is a horse.  I learned that you don’t have to be a bully to be higher, and you don’t have to use a pain aid.  I consistently reinforce to my boys that I am the leader by moving their feet when I want to, and keeping them from moving when I want them to stand still.  I’ve also learned that it’s not what I say, or how I “FEEL”, it’s what I do.  I do my best to communicate with my body before I ever open my mouth.  Timing and feel are crucial, and as I get better, so do they.

People who knew Zeus and Festus before are amazed at the difference.  I am amazed at the difference, and frankly am amazed at what I’ve been able to do with them.  Things people told me would never happen have happened because of what I’ve learned from horseawareness, and because I opened my mind to looking at things from my horse’s perspective and was willing to take the time to understand them and approach it differently if it didn’t work the first time.  Time and consistency will work wonders for ANY horse.  Horses don’t have problems; it’s the people that do.  I realized that if I corrected what I was doing wrong, they understood and could do right.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and have tried to not make the same mistake twice, and Mr. Gore’s correct.  The horse will tell you when you get it right….if you’re willing to listen.  I look at my horses, and the life they’re enjoying, and see that all is well with them, and I am just grateful.  He’ll probably never know what a difference he’s made in their lives, but they are living proof that what he’s teaching and showing works, even if you’re a woman, and even if you’re a beginner.

As to HorseForum, I’ve seen a lot of things that were just uncalled for.  Comments from regular members and comments from people who were supposed to be “moderating” the conversation.  Whether you like Mr. Gore or not, or whether you agree with his methodology or not, that’s up to each individual person, and that certainly is their right.  Different strokes for different folks.  But to make comments regarding someone’s intimate preferences or lewd comments regarding his relationship with his horses is just wrong.  Some may call him sexist, or a chauvinist, whatever.  Personally, I don’t regard him as either.  I think he calls it like he sees it, and sometimes I’ve seen myself in what he was saying, and had the where with all to admit it.  I don’t go to his channel to see what his opinion on women is.  To be honest, I don’t care.  I go because he’s teaching me to give my boys a better life, and they sure deserve it.  I’ve never met Mr. Gore, have never spoken to him personally, and never will.  Any communication has been strictly through his channel or links through his website, and has been strictly concerning my horses or horses in general, and that is how it should be.  But, should he read this, I’d love for him to know that there is a woman in Alabama who has two of the finest horses that ever lived on the face of this earth who is thankful, who gets and understands what he’s trying to do for the horse and is putting it into practice, and I’d like him to know that Zeus and Festus, after being passed from owner to owner, and put through the good Lord only knows what, have finally caught a break and are living a happy, healthy, goofy-gelding, horsey life, in a home they’ll have all the days of their lives, and it’s absolutely because of what he put out there….and all it cost me was my time and a few pairs of big girl underwear :)




 Zeus when he first arrived

Zeus now

Festus and Zeus


I support Rick in that I watch his videos and think he's a great guy. Many forums and message boards are full of people that gang up in cliques and try and run the whole show. People regardless of subject matter will always find someone to bash for just about any reason.
I think Rick is a good hearted thinking person that loves horses and trys to help other people get along with their horse without getting killed. Anyone that criticizes what Rick Gore does for that is just wrong, period. I like him because he's not afraid to speak his mind and he tells it like he sees it.


Barefoot trimmer
Hoof Trimming to the TRUE Anatomy of the Equine Foot



When I first got my horse, I thought I had things all figured out. I thought I was a great rider, understood horses, and didn't need much help. I remember my horse soon started kicking at me, biting at me, and being "mean". I became really afraid of her, and convinced myself she was a mean horse and I needed to get rid of her because it wasnt gonna work out. Boy was I wrong. She's now the greatest, sweetest, happiest horse around and we get along just fine n dandy. And it's all because I had my eyes opened to reality and realized I wasn't as smart as I thought I was. In fact, I didn't have a damn clue lol. Rick Gore has helped me ALOT. I am now able to see the world through a horse's eyes instead of 'stupid human' eyes (though I do still have my moments!).

I now have a much greater understanding of my horse and what true horsemanship really is. I now know that a horse is only a horse, and that's all they know how to be. I now know that a horse is not mean, wrong, stupid, or bad when they don't do what you want, but instead, are trying to tell you that YOU are doing something wrong. I've learned that the horse is the ultimate teacher, not some instructor standing in the middle of a ring, not some showman with alot of ribbons, not some guy/girl selling equipment and dvds, but the HORSE. Im really grateful to Rick for opening my eyes and showing me this. I didn't realize how blind and close minded I was before when I had my bit, spurs, and a nervous, high headed, "mean" horse, but now realize it was all because of me, and my horse was telling me that all along.

She's now a relaxed, happy horse with a good life because I've learned to see through her eyes, think like her, and listen to her. I was on horseforum, and I saw all the nasty negative things that were said about Rick on there. I must say, it was quite immature, hateful, and sad. It encourages people to sit around and trashtalk instead of spending time with their horses or being productive. And it doesn't do the horse any favors. I encourage anyone who REALLY wants to learn about and understand horses to avoid horseforum. Its a negative, petty environment full of people who quite obviously have alot of issues with themselves. Ricks videos are put out for those who want to watch and learn, not for those who want to argue and defend. It's quite simple, either learn something or leave. Alot of horses have been helped because of the site and the videos and that's the most important thing.

My horses happened to be among them. They now get to live a happy horsy life because someone knocked some sense into me and showed me how to think like a horse, understand that it is never the horse's fault, and that if problems arise, I need to look at what I'M doing instead of blaming the horse. And I tell ya what, it's amazing the changes that come about and the progress you make when you start to look at yourself instead of blaming the horse. I encourage anyone with horses to watch the vids and read the site, and just put your ego know-it-all attitude aside and LEARN for your horse's sake. Learn to understand them and give them a better life, whether it be from Rick, the horse, or whatever other horsemen you wanna watch. Horses have done so much for us, its the least we can do for them. :)

Hollie Ruiz

Me and Sonya

Me and Roper


I'm jumping at the opportunity to speak out against for many reasons. Reason one being they do not stand with their rules and regulations, and terms of use in a professional manner. The moderators themselves promote and aid discussions to join in attacking others. Another reason I feel so strongly against the Horse Forum is that although they will aid in discussions that bully others, they will quickly ban a member for speaking in support of Rick Gore.

I was sent this via PM after my post (shown above in this blog) was removed:

To me, this is such a big deal because I think the discussion of Rick Gore is vital to new horse owners, and owners who have problems understanding their horse's behaviors. Members of the forum seem to find pleasure in attacking Mr. Gore's horse training methods (not to mention his personal life), when in fact he never claims to be a professional trainer, and does not post many videos about how to train horses. If you want to form an opinion of someone, I believe you should get all the facts first.
Mr. Gore focuses on the horse only; how the horse feels, why the horse does certain things, and reasons behind its behavior, and herd behavior. From my own experience, Mr. Gore's information really helped my Mustang gelding. When we purchased the gelding, my husband was constantly saying that it was wrong of me to use a bit for riding, and that the horse would be happier if I used a hackamore, this is when I looked up hackamore use on YouTube and found Rick Gore. I'm a mother of two children and I've owned horses since I was a teenager, and it wasn't until the purchase of my Mustang that I realized I had known nothing about horse behavior and feelings until I found the Horse Awareness YouTube channel.
The information Mr. Gore provides to the horse community is free, its information that is necessary for anyone that owns a horse to know, and it's readily available whenever someone needs it. The fact that the Horse Forum has now banned all positive discussion of his information is wrong, and it's against the rules that they have set for their site.


My mustang


I have no problem with anything that supports Rick Gore, I think his advice is spot on, extremely helpful for horse owners and especially, the horse.
I learned more from Rick than I did spending years with trainers.
He is a straight shooter, tells it like it is and does not sugar coat anything, I admire that, he also has more horsemanship skills than most of the so called experts out there.
I have tried in my own way to talk with horse owners about making changes to their riding skills and abilities to make it better for the horse but have been met with criticism and contempt, so I have an idea how Rick must feel.
There are plenty of people out there that have been trained in traditional methods and they do not seem to want to make any changes and are afraid to try anything 'new'.

Best wishes,


I received Levi, a 5 year old American Quarter horse, in Feb 2012 from a friend of mine. She did some ground work with him but only had him under saddle twice - both times she was being lead behind another horse by her friend. So when we got him he had never been under saddle independently. I started ground work with him, and Levi now handles everything so well and he is so calm and relaxed around children due to lots of sacking out, etc and progress really picked up when I happened to stumble upon Rick Gore's videos. I've had many people ride this horse of all different levels of experience. Levi has become such a wonderful horse since I have been able to understand how to communicate with him 'like a horse'. Rick's work is very helpful, and simple to understand.

Lori O.

My 11 year old son on Levi

My two nieces on Levi

My best friend's son on Levi

My best friend's daughter on Levi


I first stumbled on the name Rick Gore about three years ago while I was searching for a video on YouTube on how to teach a horse to bow. I thought his short video was very informative so I decided to check out what else he had to offer. What I found would forever change my horses' lives.

I am 32 years old and I have had horses since I was five years old. My first horse was a Quarter Horse mare and I would ride every day after school no matter what. I loved it.

When we bought my mare, she was such a wonderful horse, would always do as I asked, she was what they called bomb proof, I could lay under her and trust her. We later got a two year old Appaloosa Dun, and soon after we sent him off for training. After a month or so he was trailered back home a broke horse. After riding him and realizing he still had some definite issues, we were shown how to run the chain on the end of the lead through his halter and under his chin. We were then shown how to yank on it when he was acting 'crazy' to better handle him.

This is how I thought you should “fix” the horses problems. After watching one of Rick Gore’s videos I was hooked, I think I watched about six or seven that day; I couldn’t stop. I found information on just about everything I could think of, whether it was on proper hoof care, sacking out, proper saddle fit, how to tie a horse, you name it Rick had a video. The most important thing that I learned that day was, you will get more out of your horse if you rule with better understanding. Not only were his videos informative, but he has such a good sense of humor, and he’s not afraid to say what is on his mind, and not sugarcoat it in the process.

After watching his videos and taking time to reflect, I felt a lot of guilt about how I have handled my horses in the past. I needed to 'think like a horse'. There are reasons why horses behave the way they do. You will never truly be successful with them unless you understand that. I was shown through Rick, that there is no need for all of these training aids, the best training aid is to invest the time in your horse and you can achieve a better outcome in the end. I also learned that sending your horse off to a magical horsey fixy land is not what should happen. It’s better to invest the time into helping your horse yourself responsibly - not to expect someone to fix your problems for you. The horse's problems are yours. There’s a saying: “If I want to know the kind of person you are, I’ll look at your horse”... Boy, if that’s not true.

It has been almost two years now since my horses have been ridden with bits. We ride in a rope halter or a bosal. This is something that I didn’t think we could accomplish, but we did it and they have done amazing. Tradition or not, I don’t need metal in my horses mouth. Rick Gore, my horses thank you for this as well as the many other countless things you have taught their mom, and I thank you for taking the time out of your life to help others have a better understanding of their horses and not expect a penny in return.

Cherie B

My horses

My daughter on my gelding


I know a good horseman who has never seen Rick - he hasn't got the internet but he is alot like him in some ways. He uses bits but when I told him I was going to work towards a halter he thought that was good too. He has seen me with my horse and is amazed everytime how close we are and how much he trusts me. I use pressure and release and create a draw how Rick shows.
And of course you don't just go and climb under a horse! That’s the end result of a lot of time and work between the both of you.
I am not a Rick 'fan girl'. I have learned a lot from him and others - Buck, Clinton and some more Australian horsemen. It's been a long time of learning and trying things and spending time everyday with my horses. I’ve discovered a lot about myself too. Feeding, wound care, seeing hands on videos of injuries and what to do and what not to do.
I still use a snaffle sometimes when I ride out in town until I am better, but we use the halter at home and in the bush, where it's quiet. And he is not a quiet horse by most peoples standards, he has a past, but all Rick’s advice has helped me help him get over it. My horse is my best mate. Rarely do I need to correct him anymore, he doesn't snatch food from people, he gets treats and doesn't grab them. My frail mother carries feed out in the yard and he follows her quietly and doesn't push. I haven't sent him to any trainers, I haven’t done any clinics, I haven’t spent a cent on gadgets etc. Most of what I do is with a halter and a rope.
We are practising to do agility days which is like dog agility but for horses where its all based on groundwork and communication. We are already doing some 'liberty' stuff. I will add once a horse knows you understand them, they open up to you and try even harder.
Much of what people think is 'stubborness' or refusal is simply the horse not knowing what your saying because the person is asking it wrong and many times the horse is waiting or trying to figure it out. My horse would never come to anyone before, he would simply run off. Then it took me a lot of time but now he follows me everywhere, he comes to me relaxed and we have our own little greeting that we do too :) He used to think people wanted him to take off running real fast at the slightest hint. Thats what people did with him before - they raced him. It took time but now he knows that’s not what I want. He is a completely different horse. He might be small but he has a big heart and Rick's horsemanship style has helped me bring out the best in him.
Sarah T

 Me and my boy :)


I’ve learned more about horses and horsemanship from Rick Gore in the past two years than in the four years I spent in 4-H, surrounded by “expert” horse owners. In 4-H, I was just told something was the right way because that’s just how everyone else has done it for many years; Rick Gore offered me a better solution - a better way of thinking like the horse and for the horse. Not only does the proof of his words and 'methods' show in his videos, but I’ve also seen the proof out in the real horse world. Everything he said, however new or different to me, made sense. Another great thing about Rick is he challenges people to find the answer for themselves, rather than just ask a question and get the answer the easy way. I am just one of the dozens - or heck, hundreds - of people who’ve learned to develop that critical eye and 'horse-awareness' way of thinking when working with horses, and it’s only opened up a whole new world and way of understanding our equine companions.

When I stumbled onto, I was shocked at the things I read. This is supposed to be a website for horse lovers? I sure couldn’t tell from all the drama I saw. I don’t see HorseForum as a positive or educational environment for anybody - young or old. All I see is a lot of people who, with each post they made, gave me the impression they care more about their ego and status than their horsemanship. It’s one thing if you don’t agree with someone and what they preach, but to have threads upon threads of hateful, insulting, and downright immature comments?

These people seem to find any excuse they can to bash Rick Gore and even his followers, and that makes them no different than what they are accusing Rick of being. Rick is all about horses; he brings not one aspect of his personal life - or others’, for that matter - in his videos, and yet people on HorseForum want to attack him and his supporters personally - people they have never met and don’t know on any level at all other than the fact they look up to Rick Gore.
We are people who love our horses and want to do right by them, and Rick has offered us an outlet to do this, free of charge. He may not be much of a people person, but he IS a through-and-through horse person and horseman, and that alone merits my respect.
- Jordane A.
Mia and Goldie, my favorite girls


To address The Horse Forum directly..
To allow the members of a website that is supposed to be directly related to horses publish hate speech, and of sexual graphic nature of any person should not only be monitored very closely, it should be taken down.  To plot and threaten bodily harm and death against any person period should be taken down.. Please put yourself on notice as the website is full of minor children and this kind of graphic material is not only non productive but should not influence the minds of minor children in this day and age when they believe that the friends they have online are in fact real and may act out on your behalf and set out to harm anyone.
I would like to think that some adults would be more aware of their behavior and not hide behind anonymous names in a forum that should be in nature so benign in subject matter re horses and their care and training. Not about setting out in clicks who harass and do in such graphic sexual and violent nature against another adult is in no way pertaining to the subject matter of horses. Since children love horses and the site upon first glance of the graphics appears to be child-friendly is loaded with minor children who are reading and joining in such destructive and inappropriate behavior for any adult far less any child.
The FBI monitors cyber threats and watches very carefully to sites that appear to be as child friendly as the horse forum. The have a complaint center which I have notified that the site is a a prime setting for minor children to be in and contains such graphic material. I would if I were you take down all such graphic material in any violent or sexual tone towards anyone especially the sickening threads that you all should be ashamed to publish against Rick Gore. It isn't free speech to violently and sexually perverse threats against him. It may be your right to have an opinion regarding his methods of horse training, however it isn't your right to threaten anyone you feel like on the internet. I would also monitor your comments as you're now on a watch list and you have a large audience of children.
The behavior demonstrated on that site discriminates certain biases on which threads remain posted and which are removed. It appears that some people are there only to gossip and hurt others despite trying to call themselves righteous.

I discovered Rick Gore and like most emailed him before even realizing he had 500 videos posted and that perhaps my answers were on his site or in a video. He returned my email with an answer that was polite and helpful. I am 40 yrs old and consider myself a well educated woman with 32 years of horse experience. I am a RN and I have worked in inner city ER's where we worked on gun shots and stabbings all day every day. I have desperately pumped the chests of thousands of people and spent my life saving lives so that other people can have the miracle of life they are praying for in the waiting rooms. I have also had to body bag your family members and friends and so unfortunately those of the most innocent amongst us, the children. I find it very sad that any adults would be on a website full of children and gossip such vile graphic violent and sexual content in front of children at home whom think they signed up for an innocent website about horses and being subject to it.
Rick Gore works as a police officer. He is out searching the streets for everyone's children when they go missing and has returned every single one home safe. He has served his country and his city with pride and compassion for others. Those of us who work the front lines and witness just how fragile life itself is every day do it tirelessly every day and get up and do it all again the next. We are underappreciated yet we work every case with the same amount of drive and determination.
Rick Gore understands animals, their instincts and behavior on a level that most never even try to. His love and compassion drive his passion to educate his audience. He donates a lot of time and shares his research and knowledge around the world to horse lovers through his site as well as his youtube channel horseawareness. He is honest, upfront, and real. He even donated some money to help pay for a surgery for a horse he never met on the east coast.
He delivers his message with a style and humor that is both educational and entertaining. He does it selflessly and free to all who choose to listen.
Rick Gore has taught me about herd behavior and dynamics that I never needed to know because I never owned my own farm. I never had any control of my horse's turnout mates etc. I have just bought my first horse trailer so there is no more having to bum a ride. He was extremely helpful as he patiently helped me understand differences of design and construction materials used. Yes I am sure I was probably irritating as I tried to limit the amount of asking of Rick Gore I have done. I am so glad to say he has been nothing but patient and always there when I was asking him. He was comforting to me when my dear German Shepherd was having spinal surgery and then again just in December when both my mother and dearest friend my dog were hit and killed by a car. I am proud to admire Rick Gore for all he has done for others including me.

Tracy Boone

Me and Mac


My life long dream was to own my own horse, and 11 months ago, I made that dream a reality. I knew the basics, had support of horsie friends, yet I knew there was more for me and my beloved girl called "Who", so as you do....Google was my friend.
During my searches, I happened to come across Rick Gore and his videos on YouTube. At first, I just thought he was hilarious...(guess what...I'm a 44yr old woman). As I worked my way through Rick’s many videos, I began to see the relationships he has with his horses.

Even a blind man can see he adores those boys...and those boys return the love. They are allowed to be themselves. Who cares if Buddy licks his face, or uses him as a scratching post. So does my girl Who, and I love it. What's wrong with a person or horse showing affection? I decided to try some of the techniques used, and to be honest, was amazed at the way my girl responded. We have built a beautiful bond. I can crawl under her as well. I can put my head under her to check her for ticks. I can do pretty much any thing I want to with her. She is a very happy, well adjusted mare.
As for some of the members of Horseforum.... those posts are just hateful. Different strokes for different folks, but at least with Rick, I know it's ALL about the horses.
Wendy H.

My girl 'Who' 


I found Mr. Gore's videos a few years ago and they completely changed my way of viewing the horse. I never understood pressure and release, timing, feel, bitless riding, etc. I could not stop watching. I knew early on in my viewing that this man had seen some horses in his day! His approach was focused on the horse, but his message was really for us, the humans. I recall hearing him say, "It's not a horse problem, it's a people problem. Stop blaming the horse." It was like I was seeing horses for the first time and in a whole new light. It was a true turning point for me as a horse lover.

In our hypersensitive society, Mr. Gore is like a breath of fresh air. People have become SO easily offended that anything not said with a sugar coating is considered insulting. Clearly, some take issue with Mr. Gore not being "politically correct" in his delivery. In recent history, this term has become such a catch phrase that it's lost all meaning. People would rather turn a blind eye to their ignorance then to listen and learn for their horse. Tune out what you don't need, and really pay attention to his overall message. He makes it so clear.

I so admire his complete devotion to horses. He offers his time, free of charge, and wonderful information via his website. I encourage people to use the search tools on his channel and website. If you have a question, I can almost guarantee your answer is there. Because of his love for these animals, horses around the world have a significantly better existence.
Sarah/ fan of appaloosas
I am grateful for the knowledge Rick Gore shares. The difference in my horses is night and day because Mr. Gore motivated me to change my behavior and attitude towards horses. In essence, he taught me to 'think like a horse!' I have never once been offended by his videos, although I have been embarrassed sometimes when I found myself guilty of behavior he was describing. I'm a more competent and confident horse person because of the knowledge put forth by Mr. Gore. My horses are healthy and happy.  I've seen the hateful vitriol put forth on and it saddens me that there are many people trying to destroy a man who has helped so many people and horses.

Silver and Missy napping

Me, my daughter and her friend hacking
 Me riding Silver when Missy was a foal

Many more comments on this video clearly show that horses (and humans!)are benefitting through the knowledge Mr Gore shares:



"A Note From Rick Gore"

I would like to thank everyone for all the positive and flattering comments. I am really glad that so many horses have gotten a better deal from my efforts. I can only put information out there, it is up to people like you, to put in time and effort and admit that you don't know and admit that there is more to know about Horses. So it is a group effort and I thank you and I am sure your horses thank you too. "In a world of information, ignorance is a choice".

From some of the comments I read from Horseforum, I would like to put a call out to any Attorney who would be willing to take a case and pursue a federal law suit against their owners, sponsors and the vicious anonymous horse lovers. Any Attorney willing to take the case, I would NOT want or take any money and would only ask that any money won would be donated to horse charities after your expenses. I am sure there is a new Attorney that could use the experience and in the process help some horses out. "For evil to exist all that is required is for good people to stand by and do nothing."

I would also encourage everyone to contact any and all sponsors of and send them this link and ask why they are supporting such a hate, bully and gossip site.

Thanks again for the kind words and support, I really appreciate it.
Rick Gore, Buddy & Mr. T


***UPDATE 02/16/2013

ONLY AFTER this blog went public, removed some of these posts and threads. They have not been in contact with me whatsoever. They have obviously been made aware of this blog, and have quietly deleted some of these comments in these screenshots.

Some of these screenshots are still visable on the site, there are many more on Horseforum than this small collection on this blog. I question whether this issue would have escalated to the amount it has today if comments had just been moderated and controlled properly from the beginning and that efforts were made to keep comments respectful and within the Horseforum rules and guidelines.

Horseforum would not do anything about this issue before this blog was made. However, any members creating positive threads/comments regarding Mr Gore are still being removed and members are being asked via pm's not to mention him, whereas the odd dig and hateful comment is still allowed here and there (use their search bar).


***UPDATE 03/09/2013

Eventually, anyone attempting to post positive comments about Mr Gore on Horseforum had their posts removed, and members were being banned and these threads were closed. Any new members mentioning Mr Gore were being told via private message to not mention him.

Since 2009, Mr Gore made his youtube videos for those who appreciated the information and he always stated that if viewers did not agree with his information, agree to disagree, respect his opinion and go elsewhere.

He simply fought back in defense from these many nasty activities from all over this forum, which were allowed from 2011, by publically mentioning Horseforum in his videos and shaming the person who made the Facebook hate groups about him.

On the 16th Feb 2013, (the same day the threads were removed after Horseforum was made aware of this public blog) sent Mr. Gore an email:
On Sat, Feb 16, 2013, <> wrote:
Hello Rick,

I understand you've been upset about things that members at the Horse Forum have said about you, and have been directing your upset at the Horse Forum rather than the people who said them, so I wanted to reach out to you and see if we can resolve this issue.

For starters, I wasn't sure if you were aware that when you first contacted the Horse Forum about posts that related to you, we spent many hours looking for any posts that encouraged contacting you, commenting on your YouTube channel, etc., and removed any such posts we found. The Horse Forum does not condone, support, facilitate, etc. harassment of any kind, and never has. If you received email, YouTube comments, etc. that you didn't care for, the person or persons who sent them had no affiliation with the Horse Forum, and was certainly not directed, encouraged, etc. to do any such thing by the Horse Forum. As I said, we actively discourage and take proactive steps to prevent the Horse Forum from being used for any such purposes.

The threads about you were not removed in their entirety because they were comprised of people's personal opinions, which is precisely what online forums are for. Horse Forum moderators did their best to remove any posts that exceeded reasonableness or decency as they were brought to our attention. It's worth noting that no post or member's personal opinion was ever endorsed, shared by, or otherwise lended legitimacy by the Horse Forum itself, which is a neutral platform for discussing horses and all things related to them.

Anyhow, your many disparaging comments, videos, etc. about the Horse Forum made us aware of your upset, and in an effort to resolve the situation we took the extreme step of not allowing new threads or posts that related to you. You may have noticed that none of the threads that relate to you were started anytime recently.

However, that does not seem to have helped, since despite our efforts to address your concerns, even as recently as this week you've published disparaging videos and comments about the Horse Forum, calls for legal action against the Horse Forum, encouraged your followers to contact and chastise the Horse Forum, encouraged your followers to contact Horse Forum sponsors, etc. This has been disheartening because the Horse Forum has never taken a single action against your interest, has never encouraged or allowed others to use the Horse Forum to do so, and has not at any point wished you any ill will whatsoever. To the contrary, we have attempted to address problematic posts in threads that related to you when they've been brought to our attention. If the Horse Forum itself can be said to have caused you any grief, it is only in our reluctance to completely suppress the opinions of thousands of people about a person who has published hundreds of horse related videos to the public.

At this point, I think it would behoove everyone if we were to put this matter behind us before it escalates further. As a showing of good faith, we have removed ALL of the threads that mention you from the Horse Forum, and are not allowing any new ones. We ask that you reciprocate by:

1) Removing all YouTube videos of yours that mention the Horse Forum, including videos containing baseless suggestions that Horse Forum moderators or administrators may be sexual predators
2) Removing all comments from your YouTube videos (including 3rd party comments) that mention the Horse Forum
3) Removing any mention of the Horse Forum from your website
4) Removing any calls for legal action against the Horse Forum wherever you may have posted them
5) Removing any calls for contacting Horse Forum sponsors wherever you may have posted them
6) Have and any other anti Horse Forum website or blog you may have started, been involved in creating, be affiliated with, etc. taken down
7) Not mentioning the Horse Forum in any video, comment, blog, website, or any other publication you may make to the Internet in the future, and not doing the same via proxy

Please let us know if you are similarly interested in seeing this ongoing issue come to an end and agree to reciprocating by having performed the above by one week from now, 2/23/2013. If not, we can restore the threads we removed if that is your preference.

While you are of course free to take time to consider the above, please reply presently to confirm your receipt of this message.


Mr Gore's reply:
Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2013
Subject: Re: Resolving your issue with the Horse Forum

LOL, are you kidding me. You damn right I got this email and I am not dealing with some anonymous email from some mystery person claiming to be "".

I contacted Mr. Mike (?) several times and asked for rude, slanderous and liable post to be removed over a year ago. I asked for my name to be blocked from all positive or negative comments and did not want to be associated with your site and was given your same BS double talk and you refused and allowed your moderators to chastise people that posted positive things about me. Countless people have emailed me with post that they flagged and you or your moderators blocked them and left the post up. I have hundreds of emails and screenshots of posts you left up intentionally.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Horseforum can kiss my ass. I want you (whoever you are) in court and anyone that reads that blog with all the screen shots can see what a rat cesspool site you run and encourage. That Blog will be my exhibit A in court. If you think you can threaten me with putting back up inappropriate post that you have acknowledged and removed and somehow make me nervous, roll the dice and lets get into court. You are dangerously close to the textbook term of blackmail. Which is not surprising since you cowards at horseforum just hide under rocks and refuse to stand by what you do and refuse to put your name anywhere since you are so proud of the filth you promote. That name hiding shit won't fly in court, we will all know who everyone is and I look forward to getting this in the system and having this played out in court. So feel free to give me a name, address and phone number I will be happy file court action to get this started.

If you want me to discuss this to avoid court, provide me with a full name and phone number for contact and I will discuss how to resolve this and part of that will be a published apology letter to me and people that were blocked and belittled on your site. Otherwise keep your bullshit email signed for someone who gives a shit, I don't. You run, allow and encourage a bully site and the many post I have show that very well. If you are sincere about the wrong you have done, then you will provide me with information, if not, you will prove your malicious intent and continue to hide from what you do.

So give me a full name and contact number and I will call and talk to someone and then, if we can't resolve it, I will have information to file my court action. Time to put up or shut up, my bet is you crawl back under your rock where you came from, but we will see. Until then I will continue to speak out against your slanderous site and I will continue to expose your lack of ethics and responsibility for what you allow to be posted. Now, if I don't get a name and phone number by COB on Tuesday, I am posting your email and my response to further expose the type of site and people connected to

You have been a pain in my ass,

Rick Gore
Think Like a Horse


So it looks like have not deleted these threads, yet simply hidden them, and are still not willing or brave enough to put their real names or identities and stand up for and be proud of the statements they make.
For the record, my response to #6 in the email that was sent to Mr Gore  from "" - this blog has not been made by him, does not own it nor has set it up. It belongs to me and has been made by myself with the help of others, and is the constructive evidence-based result of what I and others witnessed whilst being part of that forum.

Sarah Esen